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Databook supports outcome-focused, data-driven consulting with company insights, metrics and news
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Consultants and clients are ready for data-driven consulting, but the tools they use aren’t

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We’ve identified three big challenges for consultants:

• It’s difficult to manage information overload of information from public sources, client datasets and the media.

• It’s unaffordable to equip all consultants across an organization with authoritative, real-time data.

• Company data is often presented out of industry or competitor context making it time-consuming to generate meaningful insights.

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Databook: built by consultants for consultants

Databook insights platform

The Databook platform gives you real-time access to the company metrics, insights and news you need.

Key features:

• The most accurate company data available, covering world’s largest 5,000 public companies

• A wide range of financial and operational metrics, down to segment-level within companies

• Instant competitor group comparisons

• AI-generated insights into company financial performance

• Premium company news from authoritative sources

• Company strategic priorities

• High-quality, board-level PowerPoint slides to add to RFPs

Databook insights platform

Join users from some of the world’s leading companies

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It’s great you can see a company’s competitors. How you rank companies versus peers is very interesting, as this comparison is always difficult to build yourself. We are now using Databook in 'live' client workshops in a data-driven consulting approach.
Director, Strategy Consulting

Accelerate business development by finding the companies who need your solution

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Identify the strongest prospects

The Databook prospecting tool helps you identify companies that need your offering, based on their performance metrics. For example, you can quickly find companies who have direct or indirect cost issues and need help improving their productivity.

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Find the triggers to start engaging conversations with clients and prospects

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Never miss key developments at clients or prospects

The Databook iOS app makes it easy to start a conversation with premium news and high-fidelity data about thousands of companies.

Sample sources:
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Speed up preparation for client meetings and projects

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All the information you need in one place

Databook collects all the news, insights and metrics you need in one place to keep up to date about your clients.

Onboard team members faster to projects

New teammates can get up to speed faster than ever, thanks to the overview Databook provides of the client’s business, financial performance and strategic priorities.

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Convince prospects and clients with world-class decks

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Create persuasive presentations

Databook has high-quality charts you can export to add authoritative analysis of company performance based on objective data. Databook charts cover an extensive range of metrics and are designed to put the data in context (e.g. comparisons with the competitor group).

Benchmark client performance simply and effectively

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Quickly benchmark clients across a wide range of metrics

Databook offers high-quality financial and operational metrics that allow you to give clients an insight into their performance. Databook’s intuitive design makes it simple to compare clients to competitors or a custom basket of companies.

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Databook also offers add-on services to boost conversions at every stage of the consulting sales cycle

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Prospect to lead
Databook Prospect icon
Databook Prospect

More efficient performance-based prospecting and sales campaigns focused on business impact

Lead to opportunity
Databook Prepare icon
Databook Prepare

On-demand business insights and expert support help you accelerate the sales cycle

Opportunity to close
Databook Present icon
Databook Present

Create presentations and business cases that convince the C-Suite

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