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Find out how Databook's company insights, data and context can boost your sales, productivity and performance.

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Databook's insights tell you which companies are growing fastest, are the most profitable, have the most cash to spend – and much more.
Our insights help you prioritize who you should be your next target.
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"Databook is fantastic it gives me and the team the edge to prioritize sales opportunities and close more deals. Using a prototype of Databook I have already been able to prioritize my 70+ prospects, and Databook also helped me close a major multi-year deal in a highly competitive situation."
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Be in the know

Databook reveals what matters most to the world’s biggest companies, giving you the information you need to grab the attention of sales targets and clients.
Our unique board-level priorities feed discloses where a company’s focus lies and where it plans to invest over the next year.

Keep track of clients and competitors

Databook’s highly customizable feed of premium company and business news means that you’re always up to date.
Automatically track what’s happening at the companies you follow – and their competitors – for the full picture.
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Databook’s notifications alert you to the events that matter.
Whether it’s a management change that opens up a sales opportunity or an M&A deal that transforms a client’s business, you’ll be the first to know.
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Dig deeper into the data

There are times when you have to see the data for yourself. With key financial and operational metrics covered for the world’s largest 5,000 public companies, Databook has that data – and more.
Our high-fidelity database even has data at business-unit level within companies, so you can understand what is really going on.
Use our interactive charts to explore the data or even export custom datasets.
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colleagues and clients

Databook allows you to easily share insights, news articles and charts with teammates, colleagues and clients.
Post your own analysis, share your opinion and show what you know
with Databook’s commenting and publishing tools.
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