Instant insights into company performance

Databook’s insights tell you how a company is performing
relative to competitors and investor expectations.

Concise key takeaways and interactive charts help
you to quickly identify significant trends.

Dig deeper into
the data

When you just have to see the data for yourself, Databook offers key financial and operational metrics for over 5,000 companies.

Our high-fidelity database also has data at business-segment level, so you can understand what is driving performance within a company.
"Databook is fantastic it gives me and the team the edge to prioritize sales opportunities and close more deals. Using a prototype of Databook I have already been able to prioritize my 70+ prospects, and Databook also helped me close a major multi-year deal in a highly competitive situation."
Databook user at a major technology company

Keep up to date about sales prospects and

Databook’s premium news feed means that you’re always up to date.

Automatically track what’s happening at the companies
you follow - and their competitors.

Choose the right sales targets

Databook reveals which companies are growing fastest, need to cut costs or boost margins.

Our prospecting tool helps you decide who should be your next target.

Understand your client’s strategic priorities

Our unique board-level priorities feed discloses where a company’s focus lies and where it plans to invest over the next year.
Databook reveals what matters most to the world’s biggest companies, giving you the information you need to grab the attention of sales targets and clients.

Never miss a beat

Databook’s notifications alert you to key events at sales prospects and clients.

Databook keeps you up to date about management changes, M&A deals and much more