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Sales uses Databook Intent Dashboard to prioritize accounts sending latent buying signals

Enterprises waste billions each year by targeting the wrong accounts. Most companies prioritize accounts based on revenue, number of employees or industry. But this ignores the latent buying signals companies send every day.

Successful teams use signal detection to prioritize the accounts and people with budget and influence.

Databook Intent Dashboard

Invest time and resources in companies that have the strategic imperative to change

Work the Best

Interpret C-Suite

Sell to Strategic

Magna Int'l
SCO, M&A, Automation, AI, Cloud, SAP
July - September
Rogers Comms
Churn, IoT, Customer Service, Cloud, Streaming, AWS
July - September
G4S plc
Customer Satisfaction, SCO, Analytics, Automation, Outsourcing
July - September
Compass Group
M&A, Salesforce, Productivity, Security, Employee Engagement
April - June
Advertising, Customer Experience, NPS, Digital Engagement, IoT
July - September
Bookings, Digital Transformation, AI, Streming
October - December
Expeditors Int'l
Customer Service, Analytics, Logistics, eCommerce, Machine Learning
July - September
Foot Locker
SCO, Digital, Security, Loyalty, Brand, Microsoft Azure
September - November

How Intent Dashboard Works

Improve your customer engagement strategy across the enterprise

Databook delivers AI-powered, proprietary, data-driven insights and analyses that reveal C-suite business intent that even your buyer doesn’t understand.

Intent-Based Targeting

Prioritize and sell to your most valuable accounts, and engage key people early in the cycle.

Strategic-Value Selling

Control the dialogue and elevate the decisioning rationale to what really matters.

Strategic Efficiencies

Improve targeting across sales and marketing to drive healthy pipeline across your organization.

Data-Driven Insights

Data-driven insights reveal the financial and operational performance for any public company.

Unique Data Sources

Includes executive profiles with compensation data, and management strategic priorities.

Real-Time Catalysts

Real-time catalyst notifications such as leadership changes anddigital investments.

"Traditional methods of sales prospecting are grossly inefficient."

Jill Konrath

Agile Selling