Expand Your Customer’s Vision

Sales uses Databook Real-time Insights to gather real-time, differentiating intelligence

The insight chasm between a company’s top management and the individuals within it can be monumental. The C-suite has financial objectives, executives have execution goals, decision makers have business problems, and buyers have project objectives. Finding alignment between management layers is a real challenge.

Powerful sales reps fill this insight gap for their customers by delivering value early in the discovery process and establishing themselves as trusted advisors.

Databook Real-time Insights

Execute a go-to-market strategy that delivers early, deep value to your customer

Leverage Predictive

Design Custom

Become a Trusted

How Real-time Insights Works

Real-time customer intelligence enables reliable, resonant account strategies

Databook delivers the financial and business acumen required to establish every rep as a trusted advisor throughout the enterprise sales cycle.

Pipeline Acceleration

Instantly arm every sales rep with the business and financial acumen necessary to feel confident selling to any account.

Customer-Centric Selling

Mine dynamic customer intelligence and predictive insights to design your account strategy around what matters to every customer.

Sales Productivity at Scale

Leverage differentiating insights and operational efficiencies to improve enterprise-wide sales productivity at scale.

Data-Driven Insights

Data-driven insights reveal the financial and operational performance of any public company.

Unique Data Sources

Includes executive profiles with compensation data, and management strategic priorities.

Real-time Catalysts

Real-time notifications such as leadership changes and digital investments.

"High-level buyers hunger not for information but insight."

Barbara Weaver Smith