Boost win rates with
value-driven selling

Databook’s software and services helps companies sell
more effectively to G2000 enterprises

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Sell on value, not on price

Databook tackles a core problem of enterprise sales: demonstrating the value that your solution creates for the customer.
Databook supports you throughout the sales cycle:
  • Analyse financial performance to understand your customers’ business and strategic priorities.
  • Identify the solution that fits your customers’ strategic intent.
  • Attach your solution to the business outcomes that matter most to your customer.
  • Quantify and communicate the value you create for customers’ top and bottom line.
By focusing on value, you can maximize conversions, close deals faster and achieve pricing premiums.

What we do

Databook offers software, supported by professional services and training,
to scale data-driven selling across your sales organization.

  • Achieving premium pricing with data-driven sales

    “Databook is driving a premium price for us. In just a few months of engagement, opportunities that leverage Databook are driving a premium of 10-30% to the top line”

    Vice-President Sales Publicly listed software company

Databook transforms every
stage of the sales cycle

  1. Prospect to Lead

    • Before Databook
    • Inefficient and costly prospecting owing to scattergun approach to identifying leads.
    • Low email response rates from generic, solutions-led email campaigns.
    • With Databook
    • Higher-quality leads from insights into prospects’ financial performance and strategic intent.
    • Increased email response rates from customer-specific content to support account-based marketing.
  2. Lead to Opportunity

    • Before Databook
    • Sales cycle slowed down by pitching solutions that don’t match customer priorities.
    • Low-impact customer meetings owing to inadequate preparation.
    • With Databook
    • Accelerated the sales cycle with recommendations of relevant solutions to pitch to your customer.
    • Databook insights and expert briefing calls help you impress the customer with your understanding of their business.
  3. Opportunity to Close

    • Before Databook
    • Deal fails to close as proposal and business case are unconvincing.
    • Board-level approval can’t be secured as messaging doesn’t resonate with C-Suite
    • With Databook
    • Close deals quicker with high-quality instantly downloadable proposal decks.
    • Convince the C-suite with deal coaching for your team, to speak the language of business: finance.

How we do it

Sales Insight Platform

Understand your customers’ business in real time

What are your customers’ strategic and digital transformation priorities? Should your customer be focusing on growing revenue or cutting costs? Which of your solutions will be most relevant to achieving these goals?
Available on desktop or iOS, the Databook insights platform has the answers to these questions – and many more. Key features
  • Real-time insights into financial and operational performance for any public company.
  • Personalized sales triggers, plus premium company news and events.
  • Unique data sources including executive profiles with compensation data and company strategic priorities.
Workflow integrations
  • SalesForce
  • Google Calendar
  • PowerPoint
Data and news sources include
  • FT
  • The New York Times
  • Reuters
  • CNBC
  • Q
  • GlassDoor
  • TC
  • CNN
  • Business Insider
Instant Sales Proposals

Killer sales proposals – instantly

Create world-class sales proposals effortlessly with Databook’s instant PowerPoint decks, customized with content on your key accounts.
Databook offers
  • Fully editable PowerPoint decks delivered on demand, straight to your inbox.
  • All content is personalized for the customer you are pitching to.
  • Further customization available to include your solutions, use cases and case studies.
  • PowerPoint
Professional Services

Build persuasive business cases to close deals

From account planning to closing strategic deals, Databook’s professional services team provide a robust, value-driven approach to increasing sales performance.
Databook offers
  • Detailed account planning to help you understand the business priorities of your key customers.
  • Expert calls to match your solutions to leads, helping you unlock new logos.
  • Upgrading proposals and building C-suite business cases to close major deals.

Empower your team with the financial acumen to convince key decision-makers

Enterprise sales teams today need to be fluent in the language of business: finance. Your team needs to convince decision-makers at the top of large enterprises that your solution delivers a benefit to their bottom line.
Databook offers
  • Bespoke training courses (on site or remotely) for sales executives.
  • Training for internal business consultancy teams to build world-class business cases.
  • A ’train-the-trainer’ approach to embed knowledge in your organization.