Customer Content in One Click

Sales uses Databook Sales Decks to deliver bespoke customer content in one click

Enterprise customers demand custom treatment, but building bespoke content for every account is not scalable—so sales reps use the same deck for every customer.

Customer-centric sales teams optimize a content engine that delivers real-time, empathic, brand-appropriate content to every customer, every time.

Databook Sales Decks

Map your account strategy to your customer’s specific business needs and unique corporate voice

Adopt Your
Customer’s Viewpoint

Download Complete
Sales Decks

Expedite Mutual

How Sales Decks Works

Customers respond best when you empathize with them and align to their perspective

Databook delivers automated, real-time content that maps your solution to your customer’s voice and desired management outcome. Download customer-ready, brand-appropriate sales decks in one click.

Common POV

Adopt and deliver an enterprise-wide, customer-centric engagement strategy.

Needs Mapping

Align your value story to actionable business, financial and market drivers.

Hyper-Personalized Content

Deliver empathic content personalized for every account.

Customer Branding

Deliver customer decks that resonate and adhere to real-time brand standards.

On-Demand PowerPoints

Fully-editable PowerPoints delivered on-demand to your inbox.

Custom Enhancements

Further customization can include your solutions, use cases and case studies.

"The customer’s perception is your reality."

Kate Zabriskie

The Communication Jungle: Understanding Yourself and Others